Tuesday, 8 February 2011


I have never been to Japan. I would like to visit Yokote because its own festivals help me understand the traditional culture and history of Japan. The beautiful scenery surrounding Yokote attract my eyes.

Yokote is a city located in Akita in the Tōhoku region. There are many festivals in Yokote which passesd down from generartion to generation: Kamakura, Numairi Bonden, Kashima Festival, Okuri Bon Festival, Masuda Town Fireworks, Niida Bangaku, Chrysanthemum Festival, Haushiwake Shrine Shimotsukikagura and Asahiokayama Shrine Bonden. That’s why people call Yokote as “The Home of Festivals”.

I would like to visit Yokote in February because both Kamakura festival and asahiokayama Shrine festival are held in that month. “Kamakura”(snow huts) in Yokote are well-known throughout Japan and around the world. The famous mid-winter festival is Kamakura festival, in which the snow huts are built and dedicated to the water god referred to as the “Oshizu” god in the snowy region of Akita.
 Children will serve “amazake” and “mocchi” to visitor, and the stalls selling traditonal Japanese foods are situated.

The following festival, Asahiokayama Shrine Bonden , is a bonden contest. People have competition with each other in a procession heading to the shrine and the bonden are dedicated to the gods for the sake of having good harvest and good health of their families.

The scenery surrounding Yokote is attractive and amazing, especially the Great cedar tree of Ikada and the Yokote Castle.

Foods such as Yokote Yakisoba and Jumonji Noodles are popular in Yokote. 


  1. Japanese traditional festival is also one of the attraction for me to travel Japan~~
    But it's hard to take a part in the festival...since it's not having festival all the time...

  2. never knew it's called カマクラ^^ thx.
    it doesn;t seem to be the thing that can be found in Japan!. interesting.!

    Would it be freezing if people eating sashimi inside those huts?^^

  3. Those pictures taken by professionals are really nice~~my camera is always missing EVERYTIME I want to take pictures....seriously...